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Easier Web is a hosted, do-it-yourself website service that allows you to instantly create a web site that looks professional but requires no programming and no design on your part. The web site building experience is much like using a web-based email service: if you know what to type, that is all you need. It comes with many built-in features including discussion forums, photo-slide-shows and blogs that are ideal for your communication with your audience.

Easier Web also comes with email forwarding service that allows you to receive your email using your favorite email service, such as Yahoo! and Google gmail.

Easier Web is designed for organizations, both business or nonprofit, to address their needs for Internet or Intranet communication with only a minimal fee.

Sounds good? Want to see a sample? You are looking at it! This Easier Web web site is created in the exact same way. We don't use anything in our web pages that you cannot use with Easier Web.


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